Jimmy my John


Did I mention, sandwiches?

This week's stint at the hospital gave me a chance to test the advertising promise of Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop. I must say - I wasn't disappointed. You know how they are super speedy on the commercial... I shit you not - within 10 minutes of me placing an order, I had my sandwich. 

Now for those of you that don't live in NYC or some other major metropolitan downtown area that delivers everything - let me share the amazingness that is this idea in the suburbs of Houston. 

Until 10 p.m. 
To a hospital room. 
During the week. 

I lived on Jimmy Johns sandwiches this week and for that - I'd like to thank them.

No rest for the weary

Look Ma!

A comfortable, reclining inappropriately-sized-for-someone-under-5ft7-with-short-legs CHAIR-BED!

My "home away from home" since Sunday. Although I'm tempted to video what I go through to get out of this chair (I think I still have some pride or shame, I'm unsure at this point) I'm going to wait it out for now and continue to use my pain for my ailing mother's entertainment.


Fortunes of fortune

Went to lunch with Dad today after Mom's surgery. She did GREAT!

After our meal, we got these fortunes, which I felt were really appropriate. 

Dad's is the top and mine is the bottom. I plan on not letting any water in my ship this year. Seriously!

The Saga of the Slide

Who knew a McDonald's slide could cause so much angst?

I don't remember being worried about going to the top of the PlayPlace... Little A (my niece) on the other hand - makes it seem like the idea of going down the slide will be worthy of (at least) 5 years of adult therapy.

It's funny, the difference between siblings. My sister and I couldn't be more different, but I see similarities to each of us in her kids. J (my nephew) is fearlessly confident (like me) while Little A is confidently fearful (like my sis). The interesting thing though is that they're both insecure in areas that you would stereotype them by gender to be good at. Little A is probably one of the most aggressive competitors you'd ever meet, but has the social skills of a tree frog. Whereas, J would rather woo you with his wit than compete with you on any level.


Hypoallergenic lotion

What kind of people have a flaming red hot reaction to "hypoallergenic" lotion they give to hospital patients?


That is all. I guess we can't ALL "Live the Dream" all of the time...


The longest short week EVER

This is what my week feels like!
Yes, I'm one of those lucky few that have select holidays off - this week was Dr. Martin Luther King day. I spent the day of his honor, doing chores and things that I put off from my weekend (totally not what I should've been doing to honor him, but I digress). 

Coming back to work on Tuesday, I expected to be refreshed and ready to hit the ground running - which I did. BUT what happened was that instead of doing all that work and time flying by, I think hit some error in the space / time continuum and this week has   dragged by. I mean, really. I may have lived 7 lifetimes in this week. It's like when you're a kid and the days before your birthday or Christmas creep along like Grandma driving to the store. 

I swear to you, the clock hasn't gotten one minute later. It's driving me mad!

Next week I'm missing 2 days for work for a conference - does that mean the week will be double-long? 

Anyone else having a long short week? 


Fat, Fatty, Fat Fat

It should come as no surprise that one of my goals for 2013 (as every year) is to get my fat ass moving so as to make it less fat and more ass-tastic. 2013 is off to an extremely slow start.

New Years Day found me in the lobby of Care Now waiting to be told that I had strep throat and an upper respiratory infection (no big surprise) in the wake of the worst flu season North Texas has seen in several years. So needless to say, I spent a lot of time sitting on the sofa, sleeping, and eating (because you're supposed to feed a cold, right?!?).  Boy did I feed it!

To continue my food obsession while creating (new) healthy habits,  (read: tracking my food intake) I reviewed the stuff I fed to my cold. 
There's no way I'm going to show you my actual food journal!


I mean, really!! What the hell was I thinking?!? I'm pretty sure the old saying wasn't put into place to justify me feeding my cold graham crackers with frosting. Although it might be amazeballs - frosting is not found on the road to happy, healthy and ass-tastic. Promise.

Here I sit, 19 days into 2013 probably about 3 pounds heavier than I started the year. But I refuse to beat myself up about it. All I can do is start on the right track again today, make the best (and right decision) every time I'm hungry (or think I'm hungry), and get out there and be active. 

I found some inspiration in a couple of blogs that may help you too (if you're looking to get healthier)

KTJ Weighing In 
Mama Laughlin


And so it has begun...

What has begun, you ask?

Valentine's Day

Thanks KGB Deals... maybe I'll buy some flowers for myself this year!
The day single women and all men dread - but both for very different reasons. So imagine my disappointment when I open this lovely email offer. 

Ummm - KGB Deals, I don't have a sweetheart (yet) and if I did I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want me to send HIM flowers. (If he did, we might have a whole other problem, but I digress).

These kinds of things usually don't bother me - and if I'm being REALLY honest it doesn't bother me right now. What bothers me is that I've kind of been seeing this guy. He's really nice, funny, smart, handsome... .


wait for it

B U T (there it is)

But he's got it in his head that I want him to spend money on me. Okay gals, before I start getting hate mail. I'm not the kind of woman that measures love by how pretty and shiny and expensive the last gift or dinner you bought me was/is. However, this guy has clearly been burned in the past. 

A snippet of our conversation that brought me to this conclusion:

Me: Riddle me this, Batman. When are you going to ask me out again?                (aren't I cute when I'm trying to flirt?)
Him: I can't answer that until tomorrow          (in the interest of full disclosure he's having some vehicle issues that he needs to take care of and are costing him a large chunk of money out of pocket)
Me: Because??
Him: (info about the aforementioned vehicle issues)
Me: Ok
Him: I'm stressed. Your repeated request for me to take you out is kind of demanding and honestly, I haven't had a girl be like that since my ex... kind of upsetting. 
Me: (screaming in my head) WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?

After further discussion, it comes out that the way I've phrased the question implies that I want him to take me out and spend money on me. When I think that all I'm asking is "When do I get to sit down and spend time with you?".

Now, if you are one of the 5 loyal followers, you know - I'm crazy. I want to be "the girl". I don't want to be the one that has to continually make plans. I don't want to be the one that makes stuff happen. I do that in my day job. Why in the hell would I want to do that in my personal time?

So I decided I wouldn't ask anymore.  (Remember how I told you I was crazy, right?)

Okay, so maybe it's not so "green" over here on the (almost) couple-dom side of the grass either. Stupid grass.


Baby Fix

Yesterday, a co-worker brought his 3-month-old baby to work for about an hour so all the ladies here could get a quick baby fix

Yes, you heard me... BABY FIX

Only the women of child-bearing age who either haven't had a baby or are thinking of having another one know that feeling. New baby smell. The wonderment and awe in their eyes. The crinkle in their forehead when they're trying to strain to poop. You know, the adorable things that come with being around a newborn - that you don't have to get up with at 3 a.m. to feed. 

My uterus started to ache. A C H E, I say! 

Only the ladies that are in their mid-thirties or more that WANT a baby but for whatever reason haven't been able to HAVE a baby know what I'm talking about. That emptiness in the pit of your stomach that makes you long for your own new baby smell. 

Or maybe I'm the only one...
Abs, Mimi (me) & Julian in 2011
my "old" baby fixes

You see, I got the whole baby experience with my nephew - at least for the first 18 months. It was probably the best time of my life in so many ways. Now he's 9 and his baby cuteness wore off a LONG time ago. I had another (kind of) shot with my (now 5 year old) niece, but she wasn't a big fan of people that weren't her parents when she was a baby so I didn't get a lot of Mimi time while she had the new baby smell. (Of course, now she thinks I'm amazeballs!)

Anyway, if you have a new baby and you don't mind some crazy lady holding him/her for a few minutes with a few tears in her eyes... I'm your gal!



You talk to many adults and ask their favorite book and you'll get varying responses. From something on economics, to a biography, a guilty-pleasure fiction book to some classic they think makes them sound smarter. My favorite book is a children's book.

The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein

Book cover courtesy of Amazon!
The book starts out with the "Missing Piece" a pie shaped rock of sorts being all sad and alone. We follow Mr. Piece on his journey to independence. 

I've given this book as a gift to adults and children alike. One thing that resonates with me is the eloquence and eccentricity that Silverstein lends to this most important lesson. Unfortunately  many people (old and young alike) struggle to learn it. 

This is my "go-to" book when someone breaks up (or worse-yet divorces). A co-worker recently shared with me that when her father passed away when she was a young child, her counselor gave her this book. I'm thinking that I'll introduce it to the kids when I'm there this summer. To me it illustrates a great point about being yourself and happy with that. Regardless of if you're trying to find a mate, a group to belong with or just a friend. 

If you don't have a copy - I highly recommend it. Regardless the age of the recipient. 



Guess it's been awhile

A friend asked me today "Why aren't you blogging anymore?"

I was taken aback. I'm ashamed to say that I kind of forgot I had a blog.

But never fear, my 4 subscribers! I'm back and going to make a commitment to blog EVERYDAY for the rest of January. 

Happy 2013!
Credit: Boulder, Colorado website
I can do that, right?

So here's an update on me: I got a new job.


No really... Y A Y!

You are reading words straight from the brain of the new(ish) Assistant Director for Constituent Groups at the University of Texas at Arlington Alumni Association. Of course, i would be remiss if I didn't mention that all thoughts and opinions are mine and in no way are affiliated or reflect the views of the University. (Was that wording legal enough?)

I've hit the ground running in a couple of ways to start off 2013. One of which is getting a nasty case of strep throat out of the way. I'm also still teaching at The Ladder Alliance; and serving as a Vice Chair on the SteerFW Employment Committee - so of course, I'm busy.

A new(ish) man prospect is on the horizon, so stay tuned for the torture fun that ensues from that too. All in all, folks - Happy New Year! I look forward to letting you in and (hopefully) entertaining you a little this year.