You talk to many adults and ask their favorite book and you'll get varying responses. From something on economics, to a biography, a guilty-pleasure fiction book to some classic they think makes them sound smarter. My favorite book is a children's book.

The Missing Piece Meets the Big O by Shel Silverstein

Book cover courtesy of Amazon!
The book starts out with the "Missing Piece" a pie shaped rock of sorts being all sad and alone. We follow Mr. Piece on his journey to independence. 

I've given this book as a gift to adults and children alike. One thing that resonates with me is the eloquence and eccentricity that Silverstein lends to this most important lesson. Unfortunately  many people (old and young alike) struggle to learn it. 

This is my "go-to" book when someone breaks up (or worse-yet divorces). A co-worker recently shared with me that when her father passed away when she was a young child, her counselor gave her this book. I'm thinking that I'll introduce it to the kids when I'm there this summer. To me it illustrates a great point about being yourself and happy with that. Regardless of if you're trying to find a mate, a group to belong with or just a friend. 

If you don't have a copy - I highly recommend it. Regardless the age of the recipient. 

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