A lily by any other name

I really like lilies. I know most people associate them with funerals but I think they are beautiful and fragrant which make me really happy. There are many different types of lilies too which make them (in my opinion) one of the most versatile flowers around.


Money-saving tip: Check the ads

With little extra effort, you can really save at the grocery store! It is also a good idea to only use credit card for emergencies (unexpected car or home repairs). Always have hospitals bill you if you don't have the money in checking or savings to pay it outright - hospital bills don't count negatively toward your credit score. Cancel what you don't need (Internet, cable, home phone) and start living within your means - you'd be surprised how available those things are now. Going without isn't a big deal especially since you come by lots of stuff for free in public places...

Check the ads
Did you know that Wal-Mart will price match other stores' shopping ads? Now, I know for some the idea of going to Wal-Mart is worth not saving a couple of bucks but if something you would normally buy is on sale at Tom Thumb and it is cheaper than the price at Wal-Mart - you can get it for the Tom Thumb price. This is great for not having to go to 5 different stores to get the best deals!

Clip coupons
If the idea of clipping coupons embarrasses you - you aren't alone. BUT if you are anything like me, you need EVERY PENNY! Clipping coupons on stuff that you are planning on buying anyway combined with the price match ads at Wal-Mart above can add up to BIG SAVINGS!

Probably the most important tip is to budget your money and STICK to it! I'm a fabulous budget-er but when it comes to sticking to the amount I've allotted for each category I can sometimes get into trouble. First and foremost - pay yourself first! Put $ in your savings account and TRY NOT to touch it. Then prioritize - you need a roof over your head, groceries, electricity, water, gas, car payment, fuel and insurance. You CAN get buy without cable, Internet, phone, and the other "luxuries" that we now view as necessities.


Diet coke wakes me up in the morning

I don't care for coffee and most of the time it is too hot to drink hot drinks so I get my "wake-up jolt" from diet coke. By the time I get to work, if it is fall or our version of winter I will have a cup of tea. I also need time to just wake up, so I usually watch the news for a little while before I actually get moving. I have my routine that I do when I'm half asleep: let the dogs out, feed and water the dogs, take my medicine, pour a LARGE diet coke, and flip on the tv to see what the weather is doing today. Only after all that, I'm able to actually wake up and function.


Helping those in need

I would take up a cause for regular people like myself to finish school. I put myself through college but was ineligible for government aid (aside from loans) and as an average Caucasian student I wasn't eligible for many scholarships.

It took me 12 years to get my degree and now I'm drowning in a MOUND of school loan debt (I desperately need a new car but can't afford it because of my loan payment). It is difficult for me to swallow that there are people out there that manipulate the system and get things that I have to work my behind off for - for free.

My sister, had a child and was basically offered free money to go back and get a degree because she had a kid (that she couldn't afford in the first place). How does this system incentivize the people who want to get to a better place before they have kids to keep their goal?

My foundation would help ordinary people go to school and reduce the amount of loans they have to take out not only by financial circumstances, but taking into consideration their work history, their grades, commitment, and what they are doing to help themselves.

The only question now is where will I get the money and what will I call it?


Check out my money tree

If I had a magic tree it would HAVE to grow money! Of course I'd have to get some pretty heavy duty security for it but that is the one thing I don't' have enough of that I really can't afford to have a shortage of!


Earthquakes are no fun

I've never been through an earthquake, so to me that is the scariest. As far as fire - I wouldn't want to die in one but at least you have the opportunity (most of the time) to get somewhere safe. With an earthquake, they aren't really predictable and you could be crushed and trapped somewhere for days - alive with no food, water or facilities just waiting for someone to find and rescue you. I can't imagine that!

I don't live close enough to the coast to really worry about tsunamis and I've survived hurricanes and tornadoes so I know what to expect and what to do. So maybe it is more of the lack of preparedness that freaks me out about an earthquake rather than the earthquake event - either way though I don't want to find out!


I've never bothered to check out State Fair of Texas

I haven't been to the State Fair mostly because of the expense and the lack of someone to go with. It isn't in a very great area of Dallas and so I don't feel really great about going by myself. Friends of mine have gone when they were younger and don't really want to go back (plus the weather is so iffy every year).

On the other hand, I'm not so sure I want to go anyway. I don't / can't ride the rides so all there would really be to do is to walk around to booths and eat. Now the eating part sounds fine to me (especially with all the funky stuff they serve) but driving 30 minutes, paying $10 (minimum) for parking, and then fighting with crowds of families to have fried butter just doesn't sound like a worthwhile way to spend my Saturday or Sunday.

I think I'll go some day but not this year.


Whenever I see a swing-set, I long to be a kid again

Being a kid when all you have to do is go to school and then play outside. The swing-set in our backyard was SO FUN! It was the closest I ever felt to flying. There were two swings so my sister and I could BOTH enjoy at the same time so there was no fighting and on the weekends my Dad would come out and push us REALLY HIGH.

Nothing like a swing-set to make you feel like a kid again.


My mood ring is purple

I'm going with my mood ring is purple and assigning a mood of "hopefulness". It is Monday and there are MANY opportunities for today to suck and make the entire week one to forget. But it is early yet and I'm hoping that this week is great. I have a good handle on the things I need to get done, I've got my office to myself today, good jams from the iPod, plans for lunch with a friend I haven't seen in awhile, right now - in this second - I'm hopeful that this will be a great start to an amazing week.


The best part of a wedding? Family & friends coming together

Hmmm... The best part about weddings is looking around and seeing everyone's family and friends come together for such a joyous occasion.

As a wedding planner, you witness the stress and craziness that EVERY couple goes through dealing with imposing families, scheduling vendors, what the wedding colors should be... all that falls away on the wedding day.

It doesn't matter if I'm in the wedding, an attendee or the planner I ALWAYS cry. It is a beautiful occasion to witness two people so much in love committing themselves to one another until death.

Of course, you can't beat a good reception either!