Without a car??? For a year???

So the question has been posed: Could you live without a car for a year?

My answer: Absolutely NOT!

A couple of months ago, I went without my car for the weekend and almost went *crazy*! Living in an area with very limited public transportation and no real job prospects within walking distance, I can't imagine not having a car and not changing my current living situation. The closest grocery store is a little over a mile one-way so that is definitely doable, but work is a little over 12 miles away and I don't imagine I could walk there on a daily basis (especially in the HOT Texas summer heat). My apartment before was close to the bus line so that would be a little easier to get further, although since everything here is so spread out a trip to work just one way would take well over an hour and still require me to walk the last mile from the train to my office.

I've definitely been to cities that were set up for public transportation (hello Boston, NYC & SF) but the Dallas / Fort Worth area is definitely not one of them. So for now - I can't go without a ride!!