If watching TV was an exercise, I'd be in tip-top shape

I probably watch too much TV as it is so I wish it would help me lose weight, and keep me fit. I used to get up during commercials and do jumping jacks or jump rope but since the advent of DVR I just sit there and fast forward. There's no hope for this one. Guess it's off to the gym for me!


I'll take a tattoo of a peace sign – just for a week

American Peace Flag, Stars & Stripes, Red White Blue, Old Glory, Waving Wind Blowing

If I were to get a tattoo just for a week, I would probably get a peace sign. Of course, I don't have any tattoos (permanent or otherwise) and I'm not planning on changing that decision. I think they are cool for some people I'm just not one of them. Perhaps that is because I can't think of anything cooler than a peace sign :)


My TV guilty pleasure Toddlers & Tiaras...

Actually, I confessed my 'guilty pleasure' TV show to a friend yesterday. It is Toddlers & Tiaras. I know - SAD!

To me that is a show that is one step above a train wreck - you can't help but watch! These girls (and sometimes boys) that are forced to practice, spray tan, and glam up at age 4 it is UNREAL!
The one that I watched yesterday was about a girl (age 4) that had a 5 hour spa day! Can you believe it?!?! I'm over 7 times her age and I've NEVER had a 5 hour spa day। What could a 4 year old need an hour long massage for? And a facial, seriously?!

That being said, I'm addicted - I can't help it। I am one of those people that keeps this horrible show on TV :(


Next birthday, I'd like to Win the Lottery & have a PaRTY

Win the Lottery
Winning the lottery would make my birthday THAT much better! I am a big fan of birthdays anyway even if it means getting older but being a BIG WINNER on my birthday would be FAB-U-LOUS!

It is always fun to be surrounded by friends and family in celebrating another year of well... YOU! When I'm at a party in MY honor it just reminds me of how grateful I am to have so many wonderful people in my life to celebrate with.


Tales of the oldest child

I am the "textbook" oldest child. A leader (can be a little bossy), independent, and probably the "sanest" one in my family (which is really sad).


In 100 years, my iphone will be worth something

I'm sure the technology will be so out of date, they will wonder how we communicated with such a primitive device.

I have an antique wardrobe that has this beautiful inlaid wood design that is worth quite a bit now. It is sturdy and should last for many years to come - this may make for an interesting piece at an antique store in the future.


Saturday I'm in love

Saturday is the best day of the week because I can knock out all my chores in the morning and then I have the rest of the weekend to hang out, spend time with friends, catch up on tv shows, watch movies, and just have FUN!


My invention would help me with tradeshows... boring, I know

I actually have an idea for a box that would have all the compartments you would need for bringing materials to a trade show. It would be on wheels, have an accordion file for paperwork, have space for giveaways, fliers, office supplies, laptop, and basically everything that would support the efforts of your booth.

I thought it up at the last trade show I was at when I was missing quite a few things that I needed and thought I had packed. With the above mentioned kit, it could stay packed up and ready to go the only new things that would need to be added for a show would be updated marketing materials.

Oh if I only had the time to bring my creation to life...


'He's Just Not That Into You' was kind of a letdown

I was expecting more. There were lots of opportunities for this to be a HILARIOUS movie but in the end it was just kind of... there. Maybe I expected too much given the hype surrounding the movie but perhaps this is one they should have passed on turning into a film. Oh and I guess that would have saved me about $10 too!


I wish I'd gone away for college

I feel like missed out on the whole going away to college experience and I kind of wish (looking back now) that I'd taken a different route. I don't regret it or anything like that but I think had I gone away to college I might have stuck with it in the beginning for longer. Being able to be at home and have my life not change all that much was too easy.

That being said - I had some really amazing experiences going down the path I chose and I may not have had if I'd gone away to school. Hell one of them, I would have still BEEN in school so I know that wouldn't have happened.

If I ever have children, one thing I will encourage them to do is to go away for school - even if it doesn't work out in the end. From what I've seen, the experience really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see what you are made of at a young age and have some fun along the way.