Trying to be smooth

Great example of a Smooth Criminal
In case you haven't already noticed... I'm SO NOT smooth! (Definitely not a Smooth Criminal!) I'm the girl that walks into the plant (door, window, wall, insert unfortunate collision here) while trying to be smart, funny, attractive and all the things members of the opposite sex look for in a mate. So it should come as no surprise that I'm not a great Facebook stalker / friender to someone I want to get to know (insert Days of Our Lives music here).

Needless to say, I'm pretty sure I screwed up a perfectly legit (albeit somewhat stalkerish) Facebook "friending" today. I friended a dude I met at a networking event last week, so I thought it smart to follow up with a quick note reminding him of me (and my extreme forgetedness) so he'd accept the friend request - except it doesn't look like he ever got the request... So I have this email out there just floating around with no action. Did he get it (the message)? Did he get the friend request? Does he think I'm an idiot? Am I an idiot? (alert: crazy self-doubting invaders have taken over my body!!)

Now I lay here, with a headache the size of Mt Rushmore, in angst. Which I must say - feels pretty nostalgic for this 33 year old...

Cue the crazy & stay tuned!
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