My Television Addiction

Gotta LOVE Sheldon!
Like many I've struggled with addiction or obsession as it were - today I'm going to share my struggles with all of you - yes it is my addition to television. It's gotten so bad that I'm actually chronicling my indulgences through a fun little app called Get Glue.

What's so great about Get Glue? I love it because you can connect with new people that have the same interests as you do and learn about new shows and stuff that you may like. The other thing is stickers.

Yes. I said stickers.

They'll even send them to you for free! 

Yep, folks the little girl in me is still alive and well. 

And LOVING her stickers!

View Jennifer's stickers on GetGlue


If it's meant to be, it's up to ME!

Nothing like these words of wisdom to kick you right in the ass...

You're welcome

Now go do great stuff!!