The Saga of the Slide

Who knew a McDonald's slide could cause so much angst?

I don't remember being worried about going to the top of the PlayPlace... Little A (my niece) on the other hand - makes it seem like the idea of going down the slide will be worthy of (at least) 5 years of adult therapy.

It's funny, the difference between siblings. My sister and I couldn't be more different, but I see similarities to each of us in her kids. J (my nephew) is fearlessly confident (like me) while Little A is confidently fearful (like my sis). The interesting thing though is that they're both insecure in areas that you would stereotype them by gender to be good at. Little A is probably one of the most aggressive competitors you'd ever meet, but has the social skills of a tree frog. Whereas, J would rather woo you with his wit than compete with you on any level.

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