My life would make a great comedy movie

I think my life would be more of a dramatic comedy than just comedy, but that wasn't one of the choices! I spend a lot of my time laughing and making jokes and generally enjoying life. However, into every life a little rain must fall and at times I've been drenched! I guess it just depends on what part of my life the movie was about. Cheers!


One of my quirks: I have to drive.

Anyone up for a road trip??!?! :)

I have to drive.
I am somewhat of a control freak and I *can't* go on a long trip without driving for most of the way.

I can't sleep in the car.
I also can't fall asleep in the car. If, by some chance, I'm not driving I can't fall asleep. I am SUCH a joy on a road trip :) Actually, I try really hard not to be too much of a pain but when I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open and want to go to sleep, God help the person that doesn't pull over to a hotel.


'In the Living Years' gets me every time

In the Living Years by Mike & the Mechanics

In the car on the way to my Grandmother's burial after her funeral, we heard this song. My Dad just broke down in tears. The song tugs at your heartstrings anyway but to add the funeral element it just breaks my heart. To this day, I still can't listen to the whole song.

Cat's In the Cradle by Harry Chapin

As I've gotten older, this song totally illustrates the relationship between me and my parents (as I'm sure is the same for LOTS of parent/child relationships).

Calling You by Blue October

I didn't cry so much at this one until I saw the video and now every time I hear the song it fills me with so much emotion, I can't help but cry.


My lucky karma

I don't really have a good-luck charm, per-se. Whenever I need luck, I pray and call my friends to keep their fingers crossed for me. That seems to work out pretty well. When I'm feeling good, that also tends to bring me good luck so I try to make sure I look and feel my best sending out the good karma so I get some in return.


Sundance Square: a perfect summer music spot

I enjoy concerts there because it is very casual, usually free, family oriented and fun. They close off a parking lot or two (or sometimes the entire street) and just have live music. You can go into a shop or restaurant and take in some A/C or you can take your cooler, lawn chair and a blanket and just enjoy the warm weather.


Only in dreams

Actually, I had this really hot dream about Ryan Reynolds... but seriously - the last dream I remember having had to do with my sister. I'm not really sure of all of the details but I did feel like I should call and check on her when I woke up - I should probably mention we were not speaking. I guess it was a subconscious way of motivating me to offer the olive branch. It's not like we were in a monumental, life changing throw down but we hadn't spoken in about a month. She is fine and now I guess we are getting closer to being fine, so I guess the dream "worked"...?

Kinda boring dream, right?!? I guess I'll have to remember a really great one for next time :)


Hook up the Diet Coke

Diet Coke

Diet coke should be piped into the house. Although, that would probably be dangerous because then I'd drink nothing but diet coke all day... It sure would be good though!


I wish I could have seen Guys and Dolls in the theater

I heart musicals and this one is a great one. Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra and Vivian Blaine you can't go wrong. It is an entertaining film that is family fun for all!


Cool stuff for your pets...

If I owned a store, I would probably stock it with specialty pet items. One of my hobbies is making homemade dog treats. I would love to have a shop that I could sell my treats and other speciality items for pet lovers. I would also offer services such as grooming, training, doggie day care, pet education classes and I would LOVE to have an indoor dog park.


I get by with a little help from the web

I use the web to meet people and to get the word out about my event planning business. I also use it to stay connected to friends, family and business associates. I really can't imagine what we did before the advent of email, blogs, and (unfortunately) facebook. I am addicted. I think in a lot of ways it is better though because I can keep in contact on my terms instead of having to call at certain times or something like that. I also wouldn't have more than half the business I've had if I didn't use the web for advertising, lead generation and contacting prospects. Between the Internet and my cell phone I would be lost without them :(


The chicken came first

There can't be an egg without a chicken. The chicken had to come first... maybe there was some evolution happening in the chicken world :)


'Diary of a mad bride' will help pass the time

This book is extremely HILARIOUS! It is a funny and lighthearted read about a woman that never really saw herself getting married - then out of the blue her boyfriend pops the question all of the sudden her "CRAZY" comes out! Any bride I come in contact with, I suggest she read this book. It is much nicer than saying "Honey, you are crazy and you are the only one that cares!" The opportunity to re-read this one might make me look forward to a day of jury duty :)


Hello, my name is...

I would pretty much take any other name than Jennifer... it has been in the "Top 10 U. S. Girl's Names" for the better part of 2.5 decades. I hate having to identify myself by my first and last name since people know SO many Jennifers...

When I was little, I always liked the name Emily but that has gotten just as popular. So I'm thinking something like Grace, people know the name, there won't be trouble spelling it or pronouncing it and there aren't 5 million people running around with the same name (at least in my age group). Oh and I should probably mention - I'm not Grace-ful so maybe the name would help that out a little :)


This summer, I'll be eating pretty much anything that comes off the grill!

In-N-Out Hamburger, medium, with extra everything

During the summer, I really look forward to getting to grill - everything. It just seems like every food tastes better when grilled over an open flame. Hamburgers, chicken, steak, pork chops - you name it! Fruit is usually better during the summer too - nothing finishes off a great day like a watermelon fresh from the fridge.

The other thing I love about summer (or warmer weather at least) is the opportunity to do stuff outdoors. There are several restaurants around that have outdoor music and ice cold beer that can't be beat. Being able to hang out with friends, people watch, enjoy some great live music and an ice cold beer is the best!


A few of my favorite words...

Taking time to think about the words you love instead of hate (especially first thing in the morning) really puts you in a better state of mind. I think most people tend to focus on the negative when it is just as easy and WAY more FUN to focus on the postive.

When someone tells you that you are beautiful (in a non-creepy way) it can make you feel like you are floating on a puffy cloud of happiness. A genuine compliment is wonderful.

The word "vacation" brings out in me a feeling of relaxation, rest and reward for work well done. It is a break from the day-to-day "ugh" that can bog us down.

When you have success it is empowering. I try to take time to enjoy the little "successes" that I have every day in both my personal and professional lives.


Woo hoo!

Yesterday I yelled a big 'woo hoo' once I finished being audited for my job. I passed and the pressure was suddenly lifted. It isn't any fun being stared at by 3 people one of which is asking you questions and the other two are just praying you don't f' it up. I won't say I passed with flying colors but I still have a job today and I got an 'atta girl so what more could I ask for! Woo Hoo!!!


My money's on the wolverine

Wolverines are hard core with a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size. They have been known to kill prey many times it size. The real question is when actually would a wolverine and a Tasmanian devil actually meet?