Baby Fix

Yesterday, a co-worker brought his 3-month-old baby to work for about an hour so all the ladies here could get a quick baby fix

Yes, you heard me... BABY FIX

Only the women of child-bearing age who either haven't had a baby or are thinking of having another one know that feeling. New baby smell. The wonderment and awe in their eyes. The crinkle in their forehead when they're trying to strain to poop. You know, the adorable things that come with being around a newborn - that you don't have to get up with at 3 a.m. to feed. 

My uterus started to ache. A C H E, I say! 

Only the ladies that are in their mid-thirties or more that WANT a baby but for whatever reason haven't been able to HAVE a baby know what I'm talking about. That emptiness in the pit of your stomach that makes you long for your own new baby smell. 

Or maybe I'm the only one...
Abs, Mimi (me) & Julian in 2011
my "old" baby fixes

You see, I got the whole baby experience with my nephew - at least for the first 18 months. It was probably the best time of my life in so many ways. Now he's 9 and his baby cuteness wore off a LONG time ago. I had another (kind of) shot with my (now 5 year old) niece, but she wasn't a big fan of people that weren't her parents when she was a baby so I didn't get a lot of Mimi time while she had the new baby smell. (Of course, now she thinks I'm amazeballs!)

Anyway, if you have a new baby and you don't mind some crazy lady holding him/her for a few minutes with a few tears in her eyes... I'm your gal!
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