Juicy gossip + diet fail = a really long day

A little birdie told me the juiciest piece of information today... at work... about work... it's all I can think about - but I can't say anything. To anyone. So I sit. And torture myself by not telling you either! If it's true, things are going to be a little crazy around here for awhile, but overall a better situation. If it's not true - then heaven help the point of origin!

On a different note, a co-worker's last day is tomorrow so we opted for a "last day" (almost) celebration with cake and ice cream BEFORE lunch (a pre-lunch dessert, if you will). We all gathered in the lobby and milled about sharing stories about how we will miss our co-worker and how much we hope he'll really like where he's going (and we really do). I tried to be strong. My will power crumbled under the weight of Tres Leches cake. (I'm only human!) My morning of being good and all low-carb-diety was ruined with one small bite. So, I became one of those people the diet books warn you not to be: the "all or nothing" dieter. For lunch I had salad s-l-a-t-h-e-r-e-d in ranch dressing, meatloaf, a roll, a cookie and some of the best scalloped potatoes (ever) - now I sit in weakened shame wondering how I can top lunch with dinner. No but really - I've made a plan to stop by the store and get the tools to stick with this way of eating for (at least) the foreseeable future. (Fingers crossed!)

All that to say, between the gossip, food failure and being out for jury duty yesterday I have a TON of work to do and zero motivation. Maybe I'll be able channel some energy to go work out tonight after stopping by the store? Wait, what's on TV tonight?
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