Head to Fred's when you need to relax

Fred's for Big-Ass Burgers & Cold-Ass Beer!

During the summer, spring & fall it is the perfect place to unwind because they have live music, great burgers, and cold-ass beer. It is a great place for people watching, to meet new people or just hang out with friends. They have a nice patio area for music and you can enjoy the weather, soak up some sun, and have a good time.

The perfect cure for a long crazy-hectic day!


I could do without smell for a year

If I had to go without one of my senses for a year I would have to pick my sense of smell because I think it might be the easiest to deal with losing. The worst part about it would be not being able to taste some foods to the fullest extent but that might help me lose a few lbs so that wouldn't be too bad.

Currently, I have a very heightened sense of smell and sometimes it can be annoying. I actually can smell illness on people. If someone wears too much cologne or perfume it is often intensified to the point that it makes me nauseous so I have to think that perhaps in those arenas ignorance is bliss and losing my sense of smell might not be too bad.

Although I'm sure if I did get it back after a year I would have missed it dearly.


My childhood fantasy

A childhood fantasy I had was of my wedding and no it hasn't come true but it has changed dramatically. I guess that is part of the reason I started planning weddings and events. Helping people live out their childhood fantasies of their weddings like I had when I was little.

I remember wanting to be a teacher when I was little but there's no way I could do that now. Patience is a virtue that I reserve for adults and things I can control - my niece and nephew are about the only ones I can handle in large doses.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a cereal suitable for every meal

The Perfect Breakfast (57)

I crave Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Frosted Flakes, and Cap'n Crunch. I go through phases when all I want morning noon and night is one of these cereals. Mostly though, it is between Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Frosted Flakes. They both make the milk taste less like milk and more like YUMMY goodness. YAY for CEREAL!


It's hard to apologize when I don't think I'm wrong

If I don't think I'm wrong then why should I apologize and WHAT should I apologize for? Now, I'm usually the first one to apologize in any given situation EVEN if I don't think I've done something wrong because I don't like extended times of conflict. I'm very much - lets get it out there, talk about it, and move on. If I can tell that something I've done or said hurt someone or that they viewed it as a "dig" then I definitely will be the first to apologize.

I guess I've mastered a way though to apologize for how you feel versus my actions (if I don't feel they were wrong). Because if I really thought I was in the right and no *new* information has surfaced to make me believe otherwise, I have no reason to be sorry for my actions. I can be sorry though that they caused someone pain or discomfort but then again - that is THEIR reaction.

The most important thing I've learned over the course of my life when dealing with this kind of thing is that people just want to hear that you care and that you empathize with what they are going through and sometimes the most "universal" way to get that message across is with an apology.


Here's what I'd tell the aliens.

I think that if aliens landed here, the one thing I would make sure to tell them about is the awesomeness that is the peanut butter / chocolate combination. You just can't get much better than that AND it is something they could take "on the go" with them back to wherever they came from :)


Requirement #1 for a good day: a sense of accomplishment

a sense of accomplishment
If I feel like I've accomplished something then it motivates me to continue down a path of accomplishment. Helping people, helping my organization, helping myself - these are all things that make my choices feel impact-ful and worthwhile. If, at the end of the day, I can go home and know that I made a difference the day was worth it. If not, then I have to try even more to make tomorrow worth it!


What my ride needs is REPAIRS

Hmmm... the ability to stay on while I run the air conditioner would make my car the GREATEST ride ever. Not really, but that is how I feel today. I drive a Honda Accord which is (as a general rule) very reliable with minimal repairs. For the last several months my car has started randomly turning off (I still keep electrical) when it gets hot. Seeing as though the average temperature (w/o the luxurious heat index) hasn't been below 100 degrees in more than a week I have been forced to replace every component in my ignition in the hopes that the problem is rectified.

So far, so good but I'm not holding my breath. SO just being able to drive safely and with a cool breeze would make me NEVER want to give up my car. It may not be much to look at but it is paid off and once the repairs (for this month at least) stabilize I'll be sitting pretty & chilly :)

Oh, if I had to pick a dream car though I think I would go for a jeep - it can go ANYWHERE and they are just cool.


One day, I'll be good at this

I would like to master the skill of remembering everything! My memory has gone to hell in a handbasket recently and I need to get it back. So I would like to master memory techniques that will help me stay on top of the things I need to get done without having to write everything down. I don't know if I'll be able to but it is a skill worth trying to master.


'Hello I Love You' is on my summer soundtrack

Hello I Love You by The Doors

It is a windows down, crank it up kind of song that just seems to suit the season (at least to me).

Under the Boardwalk by The Drifters

Under the Boardwalk reminds me of the beach - which is the BEST place to be in the summer. It also brings me back to the days of summer romances, which are pretty nice memories.

Vacation by The Go-Go's

Any song that has "vacation" in the title is sure to be a summer anthem! Although I really don't get to do a summer vacation much anymore, it is also one of those songs that you can turn up really loud and sing along to and takes you back to summer vacation when you were a kid - SUPER FUN!


I'll get around to mop one of these days


Sweeping and mopping! I desperately need to sweep and mop my living room and kitchen but I'm totally putting it off. It isn't nasty or anything but with the dogs and my family being in town last week I need to do a really good nook and cranny sweep and PINE SOL crazy mop. I've cleaned the bathrooms, kitchen and done all the laundry I just can't bring myself to do a really deep clean. When I get home from work I swiffer and sit. Gotta get motivated!!


If I had to, I'd spend a week in a treehouse

I guess this really depends though... where is the tree? And what is on the ground (animal wise)? I would choose a treehouse though in case there were animals I needed to watch out for and usually if there is a breeze you are going to get it in a tree. I would just be afraid of falling out!


I don't get stupid people

Why people act the way they do. I just don't get it. I mean I understand that our differences make the world go 'round but seriously!?! Why is it that people slam on their breaks at the sight of goats grazing in a field next to the highway? Why is it that people take things SO DAMN personally? Why can't we all just get along?! :)

I am constantly amazed at the way the world takes care of people! Those of us that try to do the right thing and make responsible choices end up paying for those that don't. Why should my neighbor (who got pregnant by some guy she doesn't know) get to go to college for free while I'm stuck under $30K in school loan debt? Why does she get incentives to buy a house when I'm stuck coming up with the entire 5-10%?

Maybe my "mis-understanding" comes from a place of jealously and I'm not saying those people have it easy but - I will NEVER understand how we can turn out backs on some and give everything but the kitchen sink to others.


Now that I'm invisible, I'm heading to Work

I wouldn't mind being a "fly on the wall" at my office to see some of the things that *really* go down. I think being able to be invisible, at least for me, would afford me the ability to see who my real friends are versus who just talks the talk...