Sick Day

Yesterday was a bad day.

F-5 Tornado - One REALLY MAD cloud!
Now before you start trying to "out-bad-day" me - mine was bad because I was sick. Stomach bug sick. You know, the kind that feels like there's an F-5 Tornado or Category 4 Hurricane in your gut doing everything in its power to get out. The kind that makes you ask God over and over again to just go ahead and "finish you off" - because clearly, the alien in your body is going to make it impossible for you to have anything left to live for.

That was yesterday.

Luckily, this week at work was going to be so overwhelming that I came in over the weekend to catch up and get a "jump start" on my projects. Guess who no longer is jump started? lol

Seriously, WHAT THE HELL?!
Today, I did what any stomach-bug fearing adult would do, I waited to eat. I waited so long that by the time lunch rolled around, I had a different type of hurricane in my belly. This is where the adult part of me left for the day and the starving beast took over. Chipotle. The very name has a zesty Mexican spice in the name. What the HELL was I thinking?

All in all, things ended happily - meaning no more dizzy, crying, vomiting trips to the toilet falling over myself just to make it. (Yes, I realize that was WAY more than should ever be shared online, but oh well!)

How has your week been?
I'm usually an "everyday is Friday" kind of gal - but this week I'm excited!


Fake it til you make it

We've all been there. Maybe a little nervous about a meeting or new experience... In my line of work, there's always a little pit in my stomach about going to an event and meeting a ton of new people - and it's MY JOB! I've been doing it for so long, you'd think I would be long over it by now - but people are unpredictable. Maybe that's why the nerves get going. 

At any rate, I thought this little lion kitty was a great image to illustrate the importance of faking it until you make it.

There are some things you shouldn't fake (am I right, ladies?) but when it comes to traits you feel like you need for success: Courage, Image, a Sunny & Bright Disposition. Those things don't happen for all of us overnight. 

  • Could you be depressed because you aren't telling yourself that you're happy? 
  • Are you alone because you keep telling yourself that you don't deserve someone? 
  • Are you missing out on a promotion at work because you "could never say your idea in front of all of those people" or to your "a-hole of a boss"? 

We hold ourselves back with our self-fulfilling prophecies. What if you started telling yourself that you are happy and you chose to focus on all of the wonderful things in your life? Day after day, focusing on and making the choice to be happy would get easier and easier - until one day you aren't faking it anymore. 

Imagine that!

I guess that's probably what professionals (or people much smarter than me) call building healthy habits. 

Ask yourself: Are Courage, my Image and a Sunny & Bright Disposition habits? 

Maybe, maybe not - but they sure as hell are comfort zones and comfort zones breed habits.

What new habits are you going to start breeding when you let go your fear of change?


What day is it?

You were gonna say Hump Day, weren't you?!?

Nope - it's New Car Battery Day

Don't worry, we'll celebrate next week :)

Price of a new battery: $126

Years I don't have to worry about a new battery:5 

Not having to replace the alternator today: Priceless


First you're up, then you're down, then you're up again...

Last week, I was laid off from my job. I mean really LAID OFF! From my job. At a University. In a non-grant-funded position. 

L A I D  O F F

I've worked for a couple of universities, I've even worked in one of those grant-funded positions that make you crap your pants in anticipation every time they re-apply / re-up the grant (or worse yet, when the government threatens to shuts down) but in all those years, I always had a job

Until September 30th.

My co-workers and I knew something was happening when the president of our board called a meeting Monday afternoon, but it wasn't even close to what we thought. I should probably mention that tension has run high in my office because our boss was on her way out (not really by her choice) and we all *knew* it without *knowing* it. So 6 happy-go-lucky chumps walk into a meeting with members of our board and a couple of HR folks still thinking we were going to get an official statement about out boss. (Which did happen, as an afterthought.)

We were even more surprised than this!
Have you ever been in a meeting that you thought was going one way and you came out on the other end without a job? Yeah... it's like having the carpet pulled from under your feet (or at least what I imagine that would feel like). 

Have you ever found out that your current job situation was illegal? Again... SURPRISE! 

I should clarify - our jobs weren't illegal (this isn't Breaking Bad) but the whole administrative back end of our jobs became illegal because someone somewhere laundered some money or received a kickback or did something equally as heinous.

I should also mention - I've NEVER been without a job, or at least a plan for a job. EVER. 

Confusion. Day drinking. Tears. Fear. Tension. Stress. Anger. 

I felt all of these emotions. Sometimes within minutes of each other, wondering what I was going to do. Hell, I even contemplated moving in with my parents!!

Luckily, the organization I was working for illegally - legalized and offered us all our jobs back within days. Exciting, right?! Absolutely. Until I realized that I'm starting a new job. 

New Insurance. 
New PTO. 
New Benefits. 
New Paperwork. 
No Longevity... 
Oh & it wasn't my choice.

Don't get me wrong - I'm EXTREMELY grateful to have a job. MY JOB. (I LOVE my job). I'm just ready for the wind to die down and let me catch my breath.