The People You Meet

In my profession (even as it's morphed over the years) I'm always meeting new people. People are fascinating. 

But what I love is the stories we take away at the end of the day.

Just think, without people, you wouldn't have:

1. Awkward 1st date stories

2. Lessons to take with you on that next job, relationship, purchase, vacation, day in court (lol)

3. Entertaining stories to tell at cocktail parties

4. A kick-ass stand-up routine

5. Finally, who could do without those stories that are so crazy - they bond us together.

I love that people - all kinds of people - make the world go round. Without them, I'd laugh WAY less than I do now :)



As I mentioned yesterday, I participated in the 2013 Tarrant Literacy Coalition Corporate Spelling Bee along with my fellow teammates from Mayor Betsy Price's young leader initiative SteerFW. 

We came in 9th.

We were one of the last 2 teams on our "side" of the stage (out of 11)!

I'm proud of our team. I'm also proud that we didn't know the word gallimaufry - which I had NEVER heard before yesterday. In case you're like me, and didn't have a freaking CLUE what the word meant it means: hodgepodge

My first inclination was to think: why not just use the word hodgepodge? but that's not what spelling bees are all about.

Now, let's talk about our costumes! We were the "Stellar SteerFW Spellers". Originally, we wanted to have an aviation theme, but since Lockheed Martin was also participating, we went starry. As you can see - we mean business! Shelly (on the right) was gracious enough to raid Party City for all of their star-themed paraphernalia  We got so many compliments and comments on our costumes - it was well worth it.


Spelling Anxiety (aka Spell-ziety)

I'm participating in a Corporate Spelling Bee for the benefit of the Tarrant Literacy Coalition and I fear I'm in over my head. 

The competition is tonight, I've studied (yes, I use that term extremely loosely), I've worried, I've quizzed, I've indulged in spelling juice (aka wine). Now the time has come for me to bite the bullet, get up in front of a ballroom of professionals and leaders in my community
and make a complete and utter ass out of myself. 

Yes, friends. I'm probably the most nervous I've been about an activity in quite some time. I've spoken to crowds, performed in plays, played an instrument, sang both alone and with a choir - but today I'm a little north of mortified. 

Did I mention, I'm on the team sponsored by Fort Worth Mayor? 
Did I mention that last year her team came in 2nd place? 
Did I mention, I'm the team captain?
Did I mention, I have a SEVERE ISSUE with saying No?

Okay, well with all that - it's time for me to leave work and go get ready (Did I mention, I'm wearing a costume?). Yes it's all in good fun. Look for the horrifying evidence photos tomorrow. 

Oh and if you're looking to contribute to a worthwhile organization that believes in parading community members around and making fun of them through spelling, might I suggest Tarrant Literacy Coalition? :)