My family is entertaining, among other things

If I had to pick three words to describe my family...

1. Entertaining
If you take a step back after an afternoon (or an hour) with my family, you'd realize that:
  a. you are glad you aren't related to them
  b. although we are crazy, we love each other
  c. there is no movie or play out there that would leave you as entertained as we just did.
  d. despite our drama and insanity we are freaking endearing

2. Insane
Yes, we are all certifiable. There is no escaping it. 1/2 my family has been institutionalized and the other half (myself included) are just counting down the days. BUT we are insane together and that is all that matters.

3. Dramatic
I guess this goes back to the entertaining point, this one can be more than a little annoying though. I view the entertaining times as fun but the dramatic times as just that - dramatic. I live in a family of drama queens - they aren't happy unless the sky is falling and they will tell you about it, rather loudly. No Chicken Little is not a part of my family, but he'd fit in just fine indeed.


It is TOTALLY NOT SPRING without Cadbury Creme Eggs

Oh Easter, how I've missed you & your good friend Cadbury Creme Eggs...

My FAVORITE candy every is the Cadbury Creme Egg, and while most would say that it is totally disgusting it is the best sugar filled chocolate encased treat ever made :)

Every day I...

Three things I do every day...

1. Check & Update Facebook
I can't help it, I think I'm addicted! There are days I can't remember what I did and how I kept up with people before Facebook, isn't that SAD?!?!

2. Breathe
This too, I can't help! Breathing is more of a necessity than an addiction or luxury. Just another habit, I can't seem to kick :)

3. Watch TV
I have a DVR and unfortunately, I don't know what I'd do without it. It has been ages since a day passed that I didn't watch *some* TV.

What an eye opener!! Thinking (aside from the breathing) I need to take a step back and simplify... maybe I should look at getting rid of my internet & cable???

Reruns of Gilmore Girls still hold up!

I wasn't really into Gilmore Girls when it first aired but as time went by and I caught a few episodes in reruns, I began to really appreciate the humor and wit of the show and I was hooked! The episodes air weekdays on ABC Family, and the series just started over a couple of weeks ago - this is probably the 8th or 10th time I've seen these episodes and I see something new and funny every time.

If you haven't caught Gilmore Girls, I definitely recommend it!