Blessed to be stressed

This phrase came up last week during a meeting (that went well into the 5 o'clock hour) and it's been haunting me ever since.

I know realize there are a lot of people out of work but just because you have a job - should you really be THAT stressed, furthermore - is it a blessing? Out of work people are stressed (arguably more than the employed) but does that mean the employed should count that crazywantopullmyhairoutifsomeoneemailsmeonemorestupidquestion stress as a blessing? 

I'm all for being grateful, but seriously! 

It reminds me of the line from Dazed and Confused when Randall "Pink" shares (in a drunken stupor if I remember correctly): All I'm saying is that if I ever start referring to these as the best years of my life - remind me to kill myself. 

I won't go that far, but regardless of where we are in life we all have days where it's difficult to keep perspective. 

But here we sit, blessed honestly wherever we are in life because that mean's we're alive. This year has reminded me of the importance of being grateful for friends  family, co-workers, strangers, and this whole big crazy world because in the blink of an eye - it could all be taken away. 

So bring on the stress of work, the stress of family, the stress of simply converting oxygen into carbon dioxide - I'm grateful for all of it & I wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY!


No one asked for your opinion...

This is true!

Why doesn't she just SHUT UP?!?
It could be that instead of meaning white wave "Jennifer" actually means talks too much or is disruptive - kind of like a white wave but far less peaceful.

I have a bad habit of cutting people off in the middle of stories or statements and inserting what I think they're going to say. Apparently, this habit is viewed as an action that is NOT very polite. Luckily, I have great friends who (even though it may crush my world) are around to help make me a better person. So "allowing people to finish their thoughts" has gone onto the Qualities I Want/Need List.

It's also come to my attention that the phrases I know and I'm fine appear a little too often in my repertoire. I know because I usually do (apparently it's not bad to know - it's just bad to tell people). I'm fine because, I'm a woman and that's what we say when we don't want to get into whatever the situation that's pissing us off happens to be. 

So now the Qualities I Want/Need List looks a little longer after this week and consists of the following:

  1. Self control to shut the f*&^ up for the sake of others - even if I think I know what they are going to say.
  2. Better control over what comes out of my mouth when #1 doesn't work
  3. Be more grateful that I have friends who care enough to say something in an effort to make me a better person.
So far I've successfully removed the "ums" and "ahs" from my vocabulary - here's hoping I can attack these things are just as easy to "fix".


Old maid

What I feel like (not look like)!
I feel like an old fuddie duddie! All I do anymore is play solitaire, at least it's on an iPad - but still. It might be time for a new hobby, any hobby that doesn't involve cards!!

I'm open to suggestions to get me out of my card rut. All (legal) and fun options will be considered. Oh yeah, don't forget - I'm on a budget :)

Maybe I need to reinvigorate my recipe blog or finally get around to making some of the stuff I've loved pinned on Pinterest...

Happy Monday & Go RANGERS!!!


Juicy gossip + diet fail = a really long day

A little birdie told me the juiciest piece of information today... at work... about work... it's all I can think about - but I can't say anything. To anyone. So I sit. And torture myself by not telling you either! If it's true, things are going to be a little crazy around here for awhile, but overall a better situation. If it's not true - then heaven help the point of origin!

On a different note, a co-worker's last day is tomorrow so we opted for a "last day" (almost) celebration with cake and ice cream BEFORE lunch (a pre-lunch dessert, if you will). We all gathered in the lobby and milled about sharing stories about how we will miss our co-worker and how much we hope he'll really like where he's going (and we really do). I tried to be strong. My will power crumbled under the weight of Tres Leches cake. (I'm only human!) My morning of being good and all low-carb-diety was ruined with one small bite. So, I became one of those people the diet books warn you not to be: the "all or nothing" dieter. For lunch I had salad s-l-a-t-h-e-r-e-d in ranch dressing, meatloaf, a roll, a cookie and some of the best scalloped potatoes (ever) - now I sit in weakened shame wondering how I can top lunch with dinner. No but really - I've made a plan to stop by the store and get the tools to stick with this way of eating for (at least) the foreseeable future. (Fingers crossed!)

All that to say, between the gossip, food failure and being out for jury duty yesterday I have a TON of work to do and zero motivation. Maybe I'll be able channel some energy to go work out tonight after stopping by the store? Wait, what's on TV tonight?


Trying to be smooth

Great example of a Smooth Criminal
In case you haven't already noticed... I'm SO NOT smooth! (Definitely not a Smooth Criminal!) I'm the girl that walks into the plant (door, window, wall, insert unfortunate collision here) while trying to be smart, funny, attractive and all the things members of the opposite sex look for in a mate. So it should come as no surprise that I'm not a great Facebook stalker / friender to someone I want to get to know (insert Days of Our Lives music here).

Needless to say, I'm pretty sure I screwed up a perfectly legit (albeit somewhat stalkerish) Facebook "friending" today. I friended a dude I met at a networking event last week, so I thought it smart to follow up with a quick note reminding him of me (and my extreme forgetedness) so he'd accept the friend request - except it doesn't look like he ever got the request... So I have this email out there just floating around with no action. Did he get it (the message)? Did he get the friend request? Does he think I'm an idiot? Am I an idiot? (alert: crazy self-doubting invaders have taken over my body!!)

Now I lay here, with a headache the size of Mt Rushmore, in angst. Which I must say - feels pretty nostalgic for this 33 year old...

Cue the crazy & stay tuned!

Fat & Flabby, Forever?

This would look cute on me!
So I did not get up this morning to go work out (sad!). I do, however, have plans to get a mani/pedi this afternoon and swing by Ross or Cato for a cute flirty dress so I look cute (but fat & less flabby) enough to flirt with my current (kinda) crush at this über-early event tomorrow... Which I guess means I will not be working out tomorrow morning either!

This is where I need to be right now!

Ugh! I need more hours in the day, a better priority system, more energy, less hours at work &/or all of the above so I can squeeze some working out into the equation before my ass gets its own zip code.

Never EVER that smooth!
By the way, the first couple paragraphs of this post were written yesterday (due to my mega-awesome time management skills) so just a little update on the über-early event this morning: outfit = non-issue (no help / no hurt), flirting was sporadic and painful (at best), and I didn't even make a move when we sat next to each other during the power outage. Flirting FAIL!


Winning, again...

Yep - this is fantasy football at it's finest! I'm actually almost halfway through (I think) and I'm better than half my league! Yes, there may be quite a way to go in the season, but I'm actually doing okay!

Now I just need good vibes that I get up to go work out in the morning!!


Bronchitis - it's what this girl is made of (today at least)

This is what I feel like all day long!
I woke up this weekend with a cough that would make even those with the worst case of tuberculosis say "Damn!" So today, I'm at work for a little while being dodged by co-workers and visitors that don't want to be breathed on (it's working out splendidly, I might add). Contagion alert!!

I wouldn't be at work at all today if I didn't have a group coming in tomorrow - this group has been threatened to be protested (which should be fun). All in all, I'm just hoping that the weekend comes back around soon so I can rest, relax and recover. I have a feeling this week is going to kick my butt!

On another note - I lost (for the 2nd week in a ROW) in Fantasy Football. Hopefully, I'll stay in 4th place though!! Fingers crossed!