Bronchitis - it's what this girl is made of (today at least)

This is what I feel like all day long!
I woke up this weekend with a cough that would make even those with the worst case of tuberculosis say "Damn!" So today, I'm at work for a little while being dodged by co-workers and visitors that don't want to be breathed on (it's working out splendidly, I might add). Contagion alert!!

I wouldn't be at work at all today if I didn't have a group coming in tomorrow - this group has been threatened to be protested (which should be fun). All in all, I'm just hoping that the weekend comes back around soon so I can rest, relax and recover. I have a feeling this week is going to kick my butt!

On another note - I lost (for the 2nd week in a ROW) in Fantasy Football. Hopefully, I'll stay in 4th place though!! Fingers crossed!

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