You hurt where?!?

You know those "brilliant" ideas you get when you're feeling good and your body isn't hurting - you almost feel like a kid again? 


Well, in all my genius this weekend I decide that I should take my new bicycle out for a spin. So my friend Sarah and I take our bikes down to the Trinity River Trails. Awesome! I'm stoked. The weather is beautiful. I'm only slightly intimidated by the serious bicyclers. All's well. 

Until... No, I didn't fall, but it feels like I did. After 4 miles, I realize that I'm in desperate need of a new bicycle seat. Desperate need

I'm proud of myself that after a decade (or more) hiatus of bicycling, I'm able to make it as far as I did (without water much less), but y'all - I woke up this morning being grateful that I don't have a husband or boyfriend if you catch my drift...

So now, Tylenol is my very best friend - although I'm not really sure it's doing much in the way of helping and I'm determined to get a new seat and get my fat ass back out there and ride 5 miles this time!


Vegan-Cookathon 2013

Since I can't stay with my parents throughout my Mom's recovery, the next best thing I can do is to make sure that Mom doesn't have to cook for Dad. In the last several years, Dad has become vegan - which is amazing because he's pretty much cured himself of all the bad things that required him to take medicine (including diabetes). Now, all he has is one little thyroid pill daily.

Anyway, I digress to share that since Mom has broken her hip/femur, she can't stand in the kitchen for an hour to cook. My sister doesn't cook (she bakes). Dad thinks that he should be cooked for - or he won't eat. So here I am. I pinned a crapload of vegan recipes and went shopping. I mean shopping

This is what I came up with... 

15 Bean Soup

This is round one and Dad has already cleared out space in the garage freezer for more. I think he's surprised and awestruck by the amount of food I'm cooking. 

I'll post the links to the recipes tomorrow, but for now - these are my munchkins building a can city while I was cooking.

OCD when you're a Wilson

This is your room:

I know what you're thinking... This is NOT the room of a person with obsessive compulsive disorder - those people are usually orderly (and thus clean or at least organized!).

The OCD part:

See, I told ya!



Mom came home today. (Yay!) I started Vegan-Cookathon-2013 following an afternoon of much needed sleep in a bed that (quite frankly) I never thought I'd be excited to see (nephew's bottom twin bunk) snuggling with my Rotti in front of an industrial powered fan. For once this week all was right(ish) with the world.

Then my family came home.

Mom wasn't released from the hospital until after 6 pm so she was sad, mad, frustrated, pissed, irritable, broken, weak, enraged, and in an amazing amount of pain. Dad took the side of over-protective drama king (that he does so well) lovingly, of course. All the while, Sister was at work. Things were okay. I escaped went to the store to get dinner and then started drinking cooking.

Then Sister came home.

Did you hear it? I'm surprised, because I'm pretty sure that's when WWMMXIII (Wilson War 2013) began. The details aren't important, suffice to say my, usually entertaining, family was in rare form - I think everyone, with the exception of me, got their feelings hurt (including the dog).

My hope, prayer, wish is that tomorrow everyone will be in better spirits. If not, may God have mercy on our souls. I'm thinking the Harbaugh family might be the only ones more torn tomorrow. (Go Ravens!)

Stay tuned!


Advice by the letter

Always be true to yourself.
Be the person your dog thinks you are.
Crack is whack, as are most drugs (legal or otherwise).
"Dun bun can't be undone."(Thank you Stephen King)
Early risers scare me, but they get shit done.
Farts are better out than in.
Grass REALLY IS greener on the other side, but it's not your grass so who cares?!?
High heels feel best when removed at the end of the day.
Icing is just as good as ice cream when you're sad.
Just keep swimming!
Kick a ball every now and then.
Love with all of your heart.
Mind (& take care of) your business.
Niceness is never wrong. Ever.
Own your life and choices. It's ALL YOU!
Put your phone down and have a real conversation. You know... like in-person.
Question everything!
Sing loud. Always!
Trampolines make you jump higher & feel like a 7-year-old regardless of your age.
Umbrellas aren't just good on rainy days!
Vocalize! God gave you a voice - use it!
Wear clean underwear. Always!
X-ray vision is expensive & unnecessary. (Don't believe me? Ask the TSA!)
Yawn contagiously.
Zealously live!