Fat & Flabby, Forever?

This would look cute on me!
So I did not get up this morning to go work out (sad!). I do, however, have plans to get a mani/pedi this afternoon and swing by Ross or Cato for a cute flirty dress so I look cute (but fat & less flabby) enough to flirt with my current (kinda) crush at this über-early event tomorrow... Which I guess means I will not be working out tomorrow morning either!

This is where I need to be right now!

Ugh! I need more hours in the day, a better priority system, more energy, less hours at work &/or all of the above so I can squeeze some working out into the equation before my ass gets its own zip code.

Never EVER that smooth!
By the way, the first couple paragraphs of this post were written yesterday (due to my mega-awesome time management skills) so just a little update on the über-early event this morning: outfit = non-issue (no help / no hurt), flirting was sporadic and painful (at best), and I didn't even make a move when we sat next to each other during the power outage. Flirting FAIL!
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