My delimma with naps

So I was catching up on  reading blogs from my vastly neglected Google Reader account and came across a blog entitled: Take a Nap! Change Your Life and I must admit - it spoke to me as the Gospel according to The Sandman!

Back in the day NPH made frequent appearances in my dreams :)
I've been struggling with extreme exhaustion for the last several months. I've been to the doctor and they've run every test known to man - but no definite diagnosis has been given (The word Lupus has been thrown around more than I'm really comfortable with too). Until this year, I've never been a nap person (unless I stayed out way too late and was nursing a serious hangover headache). Last week, I had a trade show that allowed me to get off work around 2:30 and by 3 p.m. I was SNOOZING - hard! Which, I must admit, scared me a little. The part that scared me even more is that I was able to go back to sleep that night and slept very well (dare I say I felt, rested?) I go back to the doc soon, but until then, this article has inspired me to try to work naps into my daily routine.

We've all heard of the 20 minute power nap, but who really does that? Stay tuned. Maybe by the end of October I can say I am. 

Okay - serious revelation coming around: I could've napped instead of writing this blog... Whoa!
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