Snow Day!!

View from my front door today!
Wait, I think I had one of these last year. Today I woke up to a new term our local media has termed "thunder sleet" (which I thought sounded like a cool name for a band) - but I digress. We had about a half inch of ice covered in about a tenth an inch of snowy-sleet. Man I love Texas! Most of the morning was spent without internet and then all of the sudden all my devices decided to connects so YAY! I try not to question the universe and it's decision to torture me on a regular basis.

So since I couldn't get online this morning, I did the next best thing COOK! I stumbled upon a FAB-U-LOUS website called Gina's Skinny Recipes and yesterday Gina posted an interesting recipe for Creamy Cilantro Tomatillo Dressing and can I just say W O W! I was so floored by the fabulousness that I couldn't stop there and made salsa (I'll leave the recipe in another post). Now, my sad little blender wasn't up for the task of a full batch so I tried to do it in smaller quantities - the 2nd batch turned out great but the first one might need a little more doctoring when I run out of the yummy stuff :)

Later, shrimp tacos! I <3 snow days!!
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