Last Day of 2010

So it is the last day of 2010. I got home from visiting the family last night and I'm spending the last day of the year preparing for some of the changes I'd like to see in myself in 2011. I know everyone spends time putting together "resolutions" for the New Year only to abandon them after 5 or 10 days - but I'm really hoping that by focusing on a couple of lifestyle improvements, I will have the fortitude to implement them permanently.

1.000.000 Gates
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As I stand here, typing this (listening to the washing machine & the faint sound of the "Fairly Odd Parents" in the background), I can't help but feel very strongly about being on a schedule. I'm a list-maker. I do & die by lists. BUT I don't beat myself up over the unaccomplished - I just add it to the next day. This has to stop. I really want to start jogging / running in 2011 but if I don't stick to my list / schedule I'll just end up having a list of running & chores come Saturday that I can't complete (not to mention make me feel like $h**!). So instead of my lifestyle change being to workout or eat better - my goal is going to be to follow the schedule I set for myself each day.

My second commitment is to keep better records. I'm terrible about balancing my checkbook or writing down what I've eaten during the day. I have to be accountable for my mini-decisions during the day and the best way I know to do that is to keep a record. There are THOUSANDS (literally) of apps for my iPhone to help me do this - I just don't take the time. This too, MUST stop.

I guess what both of the commitments boil down to is me taking more time for me and doing something constructive with it INSTEAD of sitting in front of the TV watching reruns of Gilmore Girls...

It's time to get my ass in gear for a Happy New Year!
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