Back to "reality"

So today was my first day back at work after Icemageddon 2011 - it was a LONG day...

Icemageddon II looks like it will rear it's ugly head in a couple of days, but I will not be here. Nope, no Icemageddon II for me - I get to go where it's truly cold... Indiana.

An Aunt Bea, but not my Aunt Bea...
Why, you ask? My Great Aunt Bea died yesterday. 

Now it is sad, but Aunt Bea was no spring chicken. She experienced several mini-strokes and quickly advancing Alzheimer's, so I must say, I'm glad she isn't suffering anymore. 

I know that (for lots of people) the sound of "Aunt Bea" stirs up memories of Andy Griffith and that's kind of who she was. She liked to take care of people and make sure everyone was comfortable. She taught me that all people don't pray the same way, but that doesn't mean their prayers are no more or less real/important. Visiting her for Christmas in 1990 confirmed my hatred of snow and ├╝ber-cold weather. When I was little she was the first one to give me Cheddar Cheese Pringles for which I am eternally grateful.

So tomorrow I am headed out with my Dad and my Aunt on a 15 hour (or so) drive to a special icy hell known as a funeral in February in Indiana. Hopefully, Aunt Bea will keep a watch over us and make sure we all make it there safe, sound and not fighting. <3
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