Icemageddon Day Three

I didn't post yesterday because I was busy staying warm - without a heater!

The road in front of my house...
Here in Texas, we experienced icy temps (with wind chills below 0), rolling power outages, and a decreased flow of natural gas - which altogether placed extreme stress on my heater and caused it to blow cool air and then no air and then finally overnight it kicked back on and started working again.

Are you freakin' kidding me?!?

I rent my house, so I call my landlord (who's also a good friend) and she springs into action! Mrs. Landlord calls the rental warranty people and the wait on hold is like 20 minutes so she finds an online form that needs all sorts of information like model number, unit brand, BTUs, serial number, etc... and so she needs me to go into the attic.

Can I just say, I've lived on my own for 13+ years and I've never had to go into an attic.

I'm scared!!!

So I add on some layers, move my car and climb up the 16 steps to the ice cold, creaky, scary attic. All the while Mr. & Mrs. Landlord are listening to my comments and terror over the phone (I'm really glad no one had a video camera!). I find all the info and then double check that the breaker hasn't been tripped and get back into my 52 degree house (and almost stand inside the fireplace).

She gets an email and then a call, the service company says they can't get anyone out until (hopefully) Thursday and I'm second on the list. Great news, I pile on more clothes. It gets down to 47 in my house.

I go to bed with a ton of clothes and blankets to cover me and wake up sweating because it is 65 degrees in my house - YAY!
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