Day 5 of Icemageddon

Must. Leave. House.
Mount Wilson (aka my driveway)


I watched some of the snice (snow + ice) melt off my roof yesterday and may have gotten a little too excited because today - Nada! Today, there's no melting action - AT ALL! Granted it is just now 9 a.m. but still, can't a girl count on the 800 zillion degree sun to melt some of this crap off the roads so I can run to Wal-Mart? (Yes that is how desperate I am, a trip to Wal-Mart sounds like fun!)

I'd like to say that I was really productive and got a lot of work (both personal & professional) done but I really didn't. I did clean (and I use that word loosely) the house on Icemageddon Day 3 because the heater service guy was coming over and with my luck he'd need to use the bathroom. I also, did a lot of cooking and wrote a few blog entries on this and my other blog. I also spent a LOT of time on Facebook and participated in a couple of conference calls but I don't feel like that was productive in any way. 

As I watch the news and check out Facebook, I'm seeing that a lot of people are venturing out (despite the fact that everything that melted yesterday refroze last night). I'm a little nervous (my driveway is as steep as Mt Everest although you can't really tell from that picture) to get out of my driveway and neighborhood. Last year, the snow/ice lasted for 8 days in my yard before it melted - here's hoping it melts NOW this time!

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