Obsessed with food

Yep, that's me!

I have another blog (that admittedly I've seriously neglected) called Discover Dinner dedicated to (good & healthy) recipes, ideas for dinner, menu planning, pantry staples, basically FOOD. Food Network, Cooking Channel, Iron Chef, Diners Drive-ins & Dives - I can't stop watching. Cooking for others is a passion of mine. (And I'm pretty good at it too!)

My TOTAL dream job!


I'm what you would call a yo-yo dieter. My weight fluxuiates like nobody's business and last week I had to buy new pants.

If only these *were* my new pants!

Maybe I should mention, the reason I had to buy new pants is that the ones I was wearing to work that day were too tight for my comfort. (NEW PANTS!) I feel the opposite of that Progresso Soup commercial where the women are all calling in and saying they fit into their skinny jeans. (I just realized, seriously, that maybe I should try that Progresso Soup diet!)

I see a new workout regimen in my future. Especially if I'm going to continue to be obsessed with food to this level.

Beer jelly - from www.onescrewloose.com SO YUMMY!
Did I mention I went to ZestFest yesterday? Welcome to my new obsession(s)! 
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