Are you feeling alright?

As a matter of fact, I am not. But I will be.

This morning, around 2, I experienced my 2nd night of "unpleasantness" that everyone has experienced at some point. Suffice to say, not only was it miserably disgusting it was also exhausting. I didn't sleep a wink! So I stayed home today. Which is code for - slept, spent a lot of time running to the bathroom & working from my phone / iPad. Have I mentioned I hate love technology (nothing like working on the can).

Since I quit trying to drink and gave up the thought of eating anything I'm feeling much better! I spent the rest of my day on the sofa catching up on Grey's Anatomy & Gossip Girl (yes, I'm 33 & love GG - no judgment!). Bleu kept me company on the other sofa...

Although I've spent most of the day running between the bathroom, sofa & bedroom - I feel like I've been strangely productive. All without a laptop, a little dehydration, no food & a happy sleepy sweet pup!
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