Dragon, Virgo, Bikers... Really?!

Today has been one of ^those^ days (not *those* days - which are worse). It was an eyebrow raising day hence the ^. 

A friend / co-worker invited me to her birthday party this weekend. She and her husband are really nice and funny and I really enjoy hanging out with them. 

We're talking about the agenda for the day of the party and it goes a little something like this:
Birthday Girl: We're going to meet at the biker bar around noon, have a few drinks and go for a ride.
Me: That sounds cool, but I don't have any one to ride with.
BG: That's okay, there's plenty of single bikers that will be there. Maybe one of them will give you a ride.
Me: (silently thinking) you want me to go drink and then get on a motorcycle with someone I don't know after they've been drinking?... What are y'all doing after the ride?
BG: We're going to meet at the house and have some food & drinks.
Me: Maybe I'll just meet y'all at the house.

Later on at lunch I get an earful about it being Lunar New Year and we're changing to the Year of the Dragon, which I find extremely fascinating (really I do!). A co-worker is taking off Friday - Monday because it is her year to cook for their group of families they celebrate with. She and I have a very good relationship. All she wants is for me to get married and have lots of babies. And I adore her for it. She won't give up. Here's a portion of our conversation about Lunar New Year...
Year of the *REALLY COOL* Dragon
MH: It's Lunar New Year this weekend. We are starting the Year of the Dragon.
Me: WOW! That's really cool. It sounds all fierce!
MH: The Year of the Dragon is a great romance year for Virgos.

Me (a Virgo): Really!?! That's encouraging. I really need to get out there and snag me a dragon! What happens if I don't make it happen this year and I'm still single at the end of the year?
MH: ... ...

I guess I really WILL be going to that party this weekend. Better get cracking!
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