A delve into 2012

Since it's the third day of the new year, can I still call it a delve? Oh well, I'm going to (I take vocabulary liberties when/where I can). 

So far, 2012 hasn't been... anything. Not good, not bad, just blah. Now, before you remind me that we're just now delving in, I'm very hopeful that this year will / is my YEAR. I spent yesterday (at work) and had a decent day - then I splurged on a crazy deluxe pedicure with hot rocks, a manicure and a painfully relaxing eyebrow wax.

This year (for me at least) is supposed to be about getting things done BUT I must admit, yesterday after work I only got 2 out of 3 things done. This might seem like a success, especially considering the thing I omitted was a trip to Walmart, but now I just have to do it tonight. After I work out. Yes... I'm going to fight the crowds and get back in the swing of working out and I'm going to stick with it (a note to self for later).

Seems like I spent so much time gearing up for the New Year and planning out what I wanted to do that my motivation is waning. 

I'm open to suggestions on how you keep self-motivated. Although this hasn't really been a problem for me in the past - it looks like the only way 2012 is going to be my bitch is if I get my fatass back in a motivated gear. 

Are you planning on owning 2012? How are you going to do it?

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