New (to me) Car (maybe)

You know those days where you get a wild hair and decide that you want to buy a new car so you start putting in inquiries about cars and spend your day being hassled by car salesmen people? 

Yeah, me neither... until today.

Many thoughts come to mind as I review this decision. Here are the top 3:
  1. What the f(*& was I thinking?!?! 
  2. Why wasn't someone here to stop me?!? 
  3. Why do I want to blame someone else?!?
Why you ask... because as I write, I'm waiting to hear back on a credit decision. (UGH!) I've made no secret about my recent financial troubles and the subsequent situation in which I've landed. Recently, I've come upon a small amount of money, and because of this bittersweet windfall I have enough for a modest down payment on a more reliable (and hopefully funner) car. But I'm stuck in the waiting game.

I don't know if you've ever been in this situation (lucky you!), but it sucks! I told the salesman that I didn't want to come up and test drive the vehicle until I knew for sure that I was approved for a loan and that my payments would be $x/month. 

Apparently this isn't how "normal" people purchase vehicles. 

HEEELLLLOOOO! I'm not normal, but now you get a nice story to tell at your car salesman conventions or at the Sunday dinner table. I can't imagine I'm the best story you've got but who knows, if when I'm approved, maybe I can make an ass out of myself to make this deal memorable. Because, I'm just that kind of gal!
This MAY BE the car I end up with... kinda cute, huh?
So internet blog-land, if this is the car I'm supposed to have - send good thoughts my way so hopefully I can ride to work in this puppy tomorrow!

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