Are you sure you want to work here?

But seriously... We're in the process of hiring for a new Administrative Assistant at my job & while that's great I just have a few words of wisdom to all the job hunters out there:

Facebook has privacy settings for a reason!

We've seen several good candidates but not one that's wowed us yet (or me, at least) and while we don't mock and ridicule behind your back - we do work in a fun & funny environment where we dish it just as well as we take it. So after the last few interviews, I've decided to share some of my rules for job hunting / interviewing:

  1. Facebook has privacy settings for a reason - find out what they are and use them!
  2. Don't say your future potential co-workers are really "entertaining". We're not sure how to take that.
  3. Be ready for any question. (As long as it's legal - be ready!)
  4. Ask questions - make it seem like you want this job not any job (even if you really want any job).
  5. When someone asks you if you "looked our company up" make sure you did. We will always ask!
  6. If there are multiple people interviewing you. Ask for their business cards. Then send them a "thank you" email or card. Their time is valuable. You have no idea how far apart this will set you from the "competition".
  7. Look like you care. Appearance, stature, posture, annunciation, and eye contact are very important if you want to make a good impression. 
  8. Be the best version of yourself.
  9. Don't be afraid to laugh.
  10. Be at least 15 minutes early!
A good job / employer / workplace / co-worker will do their best to make sure you do three things (pretty much) every day: 1. Make an impact. 2. Learn something. 3. Have fun.

If you aren't doing those things - you aren't in the right place!
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