It's just another Manic Monday...

♫ I wish it was Sunday! That's my fun day! My "I don't have to run day"... ♫

This morning it was SO HARD to get out of bed. Thankfully, I washed my hair last night so I was able to steal a few more zzz's than usual. After a week of going & going & going & going while on vacation - I think I need a couple of days to recoup!

This morning we started out (as we do every Monday morning) with a meeting. Can I just say, it was darn near impossible for me to not yawn during this meeting today! (which is never really a good thing when *Mr. Big Boss* is sitting across the table from you.) After an hour, I'm finally ready to start the work day and it feels like my energy has just been zapped. 

I wonder if this button will renew my energy?
Is it too late soon to take another vacation day?
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