Death comes in 3's

Sometimes they come in threes all in one day & today is one of those days.

A guy I knew through a friend that I hung out with a couple of times when I was visiting the grand ole state of Maine (and again in Massachusetts) fell asleep while driving on Halloween weekend while (unfortunately) not wearing his seat belt. As you can imagine he went through the windshield and didn't fare well. I found out about it this morning because I lost my phone that same night (but that's a whole other story). So I start my day off sad - but somewhat brightened because I also found out that because of this horrific accident, 5 people were given a new lease on life due to his generosity as an organ donor.

Another guy that is/was (?) an alum of the university I used to work at, passed away today. I found out via Facebook. I'm fuzzy on the details, but I am a bit sad. He was a really nice man - always friendly and funny. The world needs more people like that.

Finally, a friend of a friend's father passed away this morning too. This is a blow because at her birthday party just a few weeks ago we were chatting about him, his health and how she (and her mother) were holding up. They knew he was ill, but it wasn't supposed to happen so soon.

Maybe I'm a little jaded because of events that have happened this year (which will be another post when I'm ready) but I'm tired of being surrounded by so much death. 2011 has been a Year-O-Death for me. Starting with my Aunt Bea - the list goes on way to long for my taste.

Here's hoping I can get through the rest of the year without any more tragedy, I'm tired.
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