You hurt where?!?

You know those "brilliant" ideas you get when you're feeling good and your body isn't hurting - you almost feel like a kid again? 


Well, in all my genius this weekend I decide that I should take my new bicycle out for a spin. So my friend Sarah and I take our bikes down to the Trinity River Trails. Awesome! I'm stoked. The weather is beautiful. I'm only slightly intimidated by the serious bicyclers. All's well. 

Until... No, I didn't fall, but it feels like I did. After 4 miles, I realize that I'm in desperate need of a new bicycle seat. Desperate need

I'm proud of myself that after a decade (or more) hiatus of bicycling, I'm able to make it as far as I did (without water much less), but y'all - I woke up this morning being grateful that I don't have a husband or boyfriend if you catch my drift...

So now, Tylenol is my very best friend - although I'm not really sure it's doing much in the way of helping and I'm determined to get a new seat and get my fat ass back out there and ride 5 miles this time!

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