Vegan-Cookathon 2013

Since I can't stay with my parents throughout my Mom's recovery, the next best thing I can do is to make sure that Mom doesn't have to cook for Dad. In the last several years, Dad has become vegan - which is amazing because he's pretty much cured himself of all the bad things that required him to take medicine (including diabetes). Now, all he has is one little thyroid pill daily.

Anyway, I digress to share that since Mom has broken her hip/femur, she can't stand in the kitchen for an hour to cook. My sister doesn't cook (she bakes). Dad thinks that he should be cooked for - or he won't eat. So here I am. I pinned a crapload of vegan recipes and went shopping. I mean shopping

This is what I came up with... 

15 Bean Soup

This is round one and Dad has already cleared out space in the garage freezer for more. I think he's surprised and awestruck by the amount of food I'm cooking. 

I'll post the links to the recipes tomorrow, but for now - these are my munchkins building a can city while I was cooking.

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