Ignorance at its worst

I feel like I've been around the block. By no means am I a "worldly" individual, but working in customer service and business development for almost 20 years has given me a view of people that I am constantly stunned by, ashamed of, awestruck by and grateful for at the same time. 

I've been the only white person at events. 
I've been the only woman at events. 
I've been the shortest person
The only dark headed person
The only one without my ears pierced
The only one without a date
The only one without a hubby
The only one without kids... need I go on? 

I understand that it takes a certain type of person to survive (much less thrive) in those types of situations - but anger, ignorance and name calling is not a solution. There are groups of people in the world (hell in our back yard) that have views I think are the most abhorrent ideas ever thought of. It disgusts me to think that these people spew their intolerance and hatred among themselves, much less to others, but I have to ask: Will disagreeing with them and calling them names make them change their minds?

Um, No.

Hate begets hate
Anger begets anger
Name calling begets name calling (and makes you sound like a kindergartner)

I believe we are all entitled to our own opinions, whether or not I agree with your opinion or you with mine is not the point. 

It's how we handle ourselves in the disagreement that defines us. Today, I am reminded that maybe we haven't come as far in race relations as I had hoped. 

One thing remains true though, tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity for hope, understanding and tolerance.
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