Mom came home today. (Yay!) I started Vegan-Cookathon-2013 following an afternoon of much needed sleep in a bed that (quite frankly) I never thought I'd be excited to see (nephew's bottom twin bunk) snuggling with my Rotti in front of an industrial powered fan. For once this week all was right(ish) with the world.

Then my family came home.

Mom wasn't released from the hospital until after 6 pm so she was sad, mad, frustrated, pissed, irritable, broken, weak, enraged, and in an amazing amount of pain. Dad took the side of over-protective drama king (that he does so well) lovingly, of course. All the while, Sister was at work. Things were okay. I escaped went to the store to get dinner and then started drinking cooking.

Then Sister came home.

Did you hear it? I'm surprised, because I'm pretty sure that's when WWMMXIII (Wilson War 2013) began. The details aren't important, suffice to say my, usually entertaining, family was in rare form - I think everyone, with the exception of me, got their feelings hurt (including the dog).

My hope, prayer, wish is that tomorrow everyone will be in better spirits. If not, may God have mercy on our souls. I'm thinking the Harbaugh family might be the only ones more torn tomorrow. (Go Ravens!)

Stay tuned!
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