What my ride needs is REPAIRS

Hmmm... the ability to stay on while I run the air conditioner would make my car the GREATEST ride ever. Not really, but that is how I feel today. I drive a Honda Accord which is (as a general rule) very reliable with minimal repairs. For the last several months my car has started randomly turning off (I still keep electrical) when it gets hot. Seeing as though the average temperature (w/o the luxurious heat index) hasn't been below 100 degrees in more than a week I have been forced to replace every component in my ignition in the hopes that the problem is rectified.

So far, so good but I'm not holding my breath. SO just being able to drive safely and with a cool breeze would make me NEVER want to give up my car. It may not be much to look at but it is paid off and once the repairs (for this month at least) stabilize I'll be sitting pretty & chilly :)

Oh, if I had to pick a dream car though I think I would go for a jeep - it can go ANYWHERE and they are just cool.

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