Nutrition Counseling

A couple of weeks ago my employer held a benefits fair. All sorts of banks, insurance companies  local businesses and doctors eagerly showed up to share with my fellow employees about how great and wonderful they are. I go for the free stuff. I'm not even trying to front. I usually get a couple of work toothbrushes, some fun crap giveaways and a bunch of business cards I don't want or need (it would be rude not to take them, right?!).

As I was going down the last aisle, I noticed a brochure for food intolerance testing. I have a good friend that did an elimination diet (and as seen all over Pinterest and FacebookAin't nobody got time for that! so a blood test seemed perfect for a lazy-ass like myself. A quick call and I was in the next week. 

This doctor claims he can cure everything that ails me (including a couple of auto-immune disorders) and get me off all of my prescription medications in 12 - 18 months. I'd be crazy if I didn't take him up on it, right? So here I go. Setting off on the journey of eliminating (probably) everything I've ever loved from my diet. BUT the prospect of feeling good (not even great) regularly is an enticing carrot. I can do anything for a year, right?

I will chronicle my journey on my other blog: jennewilson.wordpress.com

Come on over and see how I'm holding up!

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