Cinnamon Rolls

When my alarm went off this morning, not only was I dreaming of yummy ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls - I could taste them... yes you read that right. 

Taste them!

Does this take my food obsession to an unhealthy level?

Let me digress for a moment (like you have a choice). Over the weekend I was watching a local food show and there was this bakery featured that had the most amazing-looking cinnamon rolls, scones and bread. I was basically drooling while watching the spot. Come to find out the shop was right around the corner - literally, from my house. The Black Rooster Bakery, I must've passed this restaurant oh... 150 million times! How could something so wonderful and beautiful be so close to my house without me knowing?!?!

Now I'm stuck. I'm trying to be good and eat right, but how can I be expected to be good when there are amazing cinnamon rolls (my ultimate weakness) less than a quarter-mile away?!? (I don't care who's diet you're following - NO ONE condones cinnamon rolls like this!)

So I'm going to leave it up to you. Should I go try one of their cinnamon rolls or just continue on my good streak and admire them from afar?

On the up side, this is totally distracting me from the car situation that I still haven't heard back on...
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