Finally feeling productive

So Monday I get a call from my Mom saying that my Dad is ready to look for a job and go back to work after losing his job due to the lack of work from Hurricane Ike :( My Dad hasn't looked for a job (that I'm aware of) in over 20 years, and me being somewhat of a bs artist I offered to help. I must say... I'm pretty impressed with what I produced. I knew my Dad was a brilliant broadcast engineer but also that he has had a couple of years of tough luck. When I looked at all the things he was certified in, had attended and accomplished I had an overwhelming feeling of pride followed by a strong need to shout from the rooftops that any and all media outlet(s) can't possibly continue on without this man's brilliance. Now, of course I am probably more than a little biased, but I began to wonder how often we really realize how much our parents have done and accomplished.

My childhood was modest (to say the least) we never went without anything we needed but we weren't living in the lap of luxury either. On many occasions I remember my mother telling me that I couldn't have that new toy or doll because we simply couldn't afford it - there were no explanations or apologies. Did I deserve either? Hell no! My parents did the best they could, I always had a HOUSE, clothes, food, and enough toys to keep me occupied - oh and there was always playing outside, riding my bike, running around with the neighbor kids.

I guess what I'm saying is that my parents are a lot more accomplished than I realized. I knew they were smart and that they worked hard but I guess I didn't realize until I looked at it in writing how many cool things my Dad was involved in - the Olympics, the Eco-Challenge, World Cup, movies, world news events, you name it. They had great experiences and when they started making more money (and they could buy all the latest and greatest) our lives didn't change all that much. They were (and continue to be) modest and humble people just trying to do the right thing. I'm grateful they are my parents and that they've taught me that it isn't what you've accomplished or how much money you have. Life is about being able to go to bed at night knowing you did the best you could all day.
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