Every time I hear the word "inspiration" I think of the Chicago song "You're the Inspiration" which is both a cool and sad take on the word. As I've gotten older, inspiration has become synonymous in my world with a precursor to greatness.

  • Inspiration for innovation
  • Inspiration for writing / singing / creating
  • Inspiration to be a better person / parent / lover / friend
  • Inspiration of others
The last probably being the greatest gift we as people can give - sharing our story, letting people know they aren't alone, reminding them they can accomplish greatness. 

I found inspiration for peace, trust, and faith reading The Alchemist. I read it while unemployed and in the serious throes of a discouraging job search. It inspired (and reminded) me to listen to my gut, trust in God's plan (or the universe if you're so inclined), and my "plan" doesn't matter - the right thing will come along when it's supposed to (in my case 3 weeks before my unemployment ran out, but I digress). 

What does inspiration mean to you?
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