Finally back online

Finally back online!

Monday, my cable & internet service provider did an "upgrade" to their operating system and by Tuesday my system wasn't receiving a signal. I called and spoke with the wonderful automated system, who informed me that an "outage" was in my area and they "are working on the problem". So I took a Benadryl and went to bed. 
sweet sweet TV

Wednesday morning = still broken. Wednesday evening, I call and find out (after 45 minutes on hold) that I have to wait until Thursday between 5 - 7 for a technician to come and figure out what the problem is. The last time Charter came out for a service call they were 15 minutes early, so I left work at 3:30ish and get halfway home and get a call from the technician saying that he's sitting in front of my house. I'm a good 20 minutes away and think "crap!" I can't handle rescheduling. He says he'll wait...

All this to fix some problem with the wire... on the street... a job that took maybe 30 minutes (including troubleshooting). The whole time, Roscoe (my dog) is in his crate - crying his eyes out. 

So after all this, I'm embarrassed to say I went two+ days without cable and internet and almost went crazy! Of course, I didn't eat dinner for two days and now that I have it (cable) back I'm S T A R V I N G! Maybe there's something to this no TV thing...
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