I've never bothered to check out State Fair of Texas

I haven't been to the State Fair mostly because of the expense and the lack of someone to go with. It isn't in a very great area of Dallas and so I don't feel really great about going by myself. Friends of mine have gone when they were younger and don't really want to go back (plus the weather is so iffy every year).

On the other hand, I'm not so sure I want to go anyway. I don't / can't ride the rides so all there would really be to do is to walk around to booths and eat. Now the eating part sounds fine to me (especially with all the funky stuff they serve) but driving 30 minutes, paying $10 (minimum) for parking, and then fighting with crowds of families to have fried butter just doesn't sound like a worthwhile way to spend my Saturday or Sunday.

I think I'll go some day but not this year.

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