Helping those in need

I would take up a cause for regular people like myself to finish school. I put myself through college but was ineligible for government aid (aside from loans) and as an average Caucasian student I wasn't eligible for many scholarships.

It took me 12 years to get my degree and now I'm drowning in a MOUND of school loan debt (I desperately need a new car but can't afford it because of my loan payment). It is difficult for me to swallow that there are people out there that manipulate the system and get things that I have to work my behind off for - for free.

My sister, had a child and was basically offered free money to go back and get a degree because she had a kid (that she couldn't afford in the first place). How does this system incentivize the people who want to get to a better place before they have kids to keep their goal?

My foundation would help ordinary people go to school and reduce the amount of loans they have to take out not only by financial circumstances, but taking into consideration their work history, their grades, commitment, and what they are doing to help themselves.

The only question now is where will I get the money and what will I call it?
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