The search continues...

I realize that most people (especially in this economy) have experienced job loss. I've been on the search since March (actually a little before) and I've had TONS of traction, but still no luck. You'd think I'd do something constructive with my time - work out, eat right, write more... But alas, I'm two months into this unemployment thing with nothing really to show for it. 

Wait... does an almost empty DVR count?

The good news is that my spirits are up and that I average at least one interview a week. Did I mention, I send out about 20 applications a week? Pretty much every interviewer asks "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" If you would've asked me that in September, I would've told you - I want to be an executive director of an alumni associaiton now... I just want a job... that pays... well.

Tomorrow I have a third interview with an awesome employer that could be my dream job (at least at one point in my life). I know my friends are tired of me saying it, but I really want this job. 

In the meantime, DVR shows anyone?
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